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Turmeric Latte

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Golden Chai is an organic, caffeine-free,
turmeric beverage.

Golden Chai comes in individual, on-the-go sachets or a 30-serving upright pouch.

To prepare Golden Chai add hot water to add a sachet or spoonful of Golden Chai powder. Add a splash or the cream or milk of your choice.

Amazing Flavor

Golden Chai has a delicious balance of aromatic sweetness and gentle, enlivening spice. Use the milk of your choice and, if you like, add extras like honey and cinnamon.

Cut the Caffeine

Golden Chai's turmeric and unique blend of herbs give you energy in the morning. Golden Chai brings your body into balance you get energy in the morning without caffeine, and it helps you sleep better at night.

Forget the 2 O'Clock Slump

Golden Chai picks you up in the afternoon. Turmeric relieves stress and improves your mood. Golden Chai makes your body feel really good. Not a surprise when turmeric is as effective as ibuprofen for reducing arthritis pain.

Sleep Soundly

Coffee and caffeine keep you up and make the sleep you do get less restful. Golden Chai is caffiene-free, so it doesn't mess with your sleep. And turmeric, when taken in the evening, is actually a sleep aid!

Golden Chai Beverage Recipes

Types of Golden Chai Turmeric Lattes

Golden Chai gives you

Energy From Balance

By balancing your body's energies Golden Chai wakes you up in the morning with no jitters, improves focus in the afternoon, and calms and destresses you before bed.

Take The Golden Challenge

Drink one Golden Chai a day for 10 days. We promise you will feel amazing or your money back.

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What People are Saying

Paul's Golden Chai Testimonial

"Caffeine used to be my go-to to keep me going through the day as a strength coach, but my experience with Golden Chai gave me the mental focus I desire in the morning, and deep-rooted stability in my joints."

Paul Zweifel, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Eva's Golden Chai Testimonial

"I love drinking Golden Chai right after my workout. It tastes so good and I can feel it relaxing my muscles to help with post-workout recovery."

Eva Clemens, Personal Trainer

Sarah's Golden Chai Testimonial

"As someone who doesn't consume caffeine but still loves a warm and cozy beverage every morning, Golden Chai has quickly become my new favorite drink. It's perfectly balanced between spicy and sweet. My body and mind sense that I'm drinking something healthy and restorative and perk up with each sip. It makes a perfect gift. Golden Chai is both a treat and an investment in my well-being!"

Sarah Z., Writer


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